My Master’s Plan

In case of an emergency, my Master has a plan for me!

Our Story

Donna Brunetti
My Master’s Plan came into existence because of the old adage “necessity is the mother of invention”. As a single pet owner, Donna Brunetti, who has relocated and left all family and most friends behind, found herself in constant worry and fear about what would happen to her little guy Joey – if something were to happen to her. Or, what would happen in the event they became separated, like some of those poor pets rescued from Hurricanes that have hit our country. How would anyone ever know he has someone who loves him very much? How would the person who found him, know how to care for him? What his finicky food preferences are?? How to get him to his family in New York? What words he understands?

Donna has also hesitated to get other pets because of this same fear …. limiting the opportunity for joy and comfort that you get from furry companions. This may or may not be a need for those who have loved ones nearby, but it is a need for those who do not, or those who live alone, and find themselves with no network. Great also for seniors, so their loyal friends will not spend their golden years in a shelter. We need to be their voice, we need to make those important plans.

My Master’s Plan

My Master’s plan provides you with access to a legal document, that provides assurance that your wishes be carried out in the event you become unable – the Pet Protection Agreement ® pet trust: ensures legal and enforceable continuing care for all animals created by a prominent Animal Welfare Attorney. With your membership you will be able to store this document in this site along with creating your personalized plan, identifying an alternate caregiver, and writing care instructions for your pet(s). In the event you cannot care for your pet (due to illness, injury, emergency, natural disaster, travel delays, etc.), one call and we will connect your Caretaker with your plan to be sure it is carried out. Your instructions will be matched to your pet by ID number on our site and we will contact the individual(s) you leave as the point of contact. In addition to the protection agreement and storing your care instructions we will provide you with pet tag, key tag, wallet card, and window clings for your home and auto – all with directions to call us to connect the pet with your plan contact – and this will be individualized by the unique ID number.


Peace of mind is now yours! My Master’s Plan will allow you to be a voice for your pet, where they have none. You can create a Master Plan of Care and leave nothing to chance. My Master’s Plan will maintain your information and we will make connections for your pet, per your instructions. You are creating a legacy for your beloved pet family. You can enter your member area at any time to change or update items as needed. We look forward to a long relationship and are so glad you found us.

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