My Master’s Plan

In case of an emergency, my Master has a plan for me!


When will we receive our new member kit?

We ask that you allow 12 – 15 days to receive your new member kit.  In the interim, we will send you a temporary card with a temporary number for your peace of mind!  When the permanent items are shipped, we will update your account to show the permanent ID number.

What should I put in my pet's plan?

Everything you can possibly think of!!  What do you want your caregiver to know?  Are you going to transport your pet to a family member in another area?  Is the caregiver going to be your pet’s new master?  What kind of food do they eat?  Do you have to order it somewhere?  Where do you get it?  Who is the vet?  Are there any special health issues?  Are your pets rabies vaccines up to date? (upload a copy of your documentation to your file for safekeeping), are they microchipped? (upload that as well), what words do they understand, what do they like and love?  Provide all of your instructions here so we can provide the information to your caregiver!

Are you a lost pet service?

Providing service for lost pets is not a focus of My Master’s Plan, but as a courtesy to our members and for your peace of mind, we will offer that service free of charge.

Do I have to buy a plan for each one of my pets?

Absolutely not!  This is currently a per family plan.  What you will have to buy if you have more than one pet that requires an ID number is the registration portion of the package because it will provide you with unique identifiers.

How do we reach you?

The preferred method of communication is always going to be email.  We ask that so that we may keep lines open for calls to make connections of pets to caregivers and to assist with those who may have found a lost pet.  In the event, you have problems with emails, we will always take a call.

What happens if we miss a monthly payment?

Of course we will do our best to reach you to see if there is some kind of problem or emergency.  We will also try to reach your caretaker.  If we get no response from either we will unfortunately have to deactivate the pet number from our database within the month that there was no payment.

More to come!!

We can’t anticipate what all your potential questions will be, but contact us at with any questions and we will update this section with them as soon as we can!


Peace of mind is now yours! My Master’s Plan will allow you to be a voice for your pet, where they have none. You can create a Master Plan of Care and leave nothing to chance. My Master’s Plan will maintain your information and we will make connections for your pet, per your instructions. You are creating a legacy for your beloved pet family. You can enter your member area at any time to change or update items as needed. We look forward to a long relationship and are so glad you found us.

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